Thursday, April 29, 2010

Madison's Faults - Mr. Reynolds Class Network

Madison's Faults - Mr. Reynolds Class Network

Holly cow! This student went over the top with creativity. She made a custom drawings using Smartboards Notebook program, then did a screen recording of this to create an animated image. She needed this as a video, so she used to do a screen capture to convert to video. Crazy...

Talk about a work around. She used the tools she was familiar with, and didn't give up, just kept exploring and trying new things until she got the product she wanted.

Note: the delays in the recorded voice are because she was having to wait for the Notebook program to catch up. These are old hand-me-down PC's and are not able to replay the screen capture very well. The audio was recored with Screentoaster while it was capturing the notebook recording as it played.

Again...just incredible creativity. I can only imagine what this student would be able to accomplish if she had equipment that could keep up with her creativity and ideas.

Check it out.

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