Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bozeman HS Opens Door to Tech Learning Revolution

Bozeman High School students used to hide their iPods and cell phones, fearing teachers would confiscate the devices if students were caught texting friends or listening to music in class or school hallways.

Now the electronic gadgets are out in the open, legal to use in the high school’s common areas and between classes.

Instead of fighting students’ passion for connecting to each other and the world through personal gadgets, the Bozeman schools have decided to join them, and turn what could be electronic toys into tools in a technologic revolution in education.

“It could change the way teachers teach,” said Ken Gibson, a Bozeman High assistant principal. “It’s almost scary, understanding the potential.”
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1 comment:

Gladys Ipanaque said...


You're right! People fear what is new to them. In that sense kids are far more advance than us. We are the ones who need to learn from their world of technology.
In fact, I have learnt a lot from my students on how to use certain gadgets.
This year I want to start using Blogs in all my classes as the space where my students can post their project and reflect upon them.
Thank you for sharing your experiences.