Friday, October 16, 2009

Weebly Educational Version - Proves to be simple and safe

New tools become available at an astounding rate. There is a point at which you need to choose what you're going to use and get familiar with it, and then stick with it.

I've spent quite a bit of time getting familiar with Google Apps. In our district we've set up accounts for all teachers (hope to have students on board soon) and have been working to help teachers create websites and ideas for a more paperless classroom that can communicate more effectively with students and their families.

All this said and done (somewhat) I have now discovered a new website building tool that is so simple a first grader could use it. This is not so true for the Google sites application. Google is powerful, but has various limitations and difficult work-arounds that need to be used to accomplish some desired tasks. In comes Education Weebly...a new online tool which can make things easier for those teachers who have been struggling a bit.

The question is, to change gears, or leave well enough alone. My thoughts at present are to show them the tool, and let them determine what direction they want to go. I will wait to do this, until the new features of class blog monitoring and listing become available.

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